Meeting the needs of commissioners

Showing that sport and physical activity can meet wider outcomes can feel like an impossible mission, but by understanding commissioner's needs it can be mission possible.

In conjunction with the Chief Cultural and Leisure Officer's Association (cCLOA) we have undertaken a two-phase project to support local authority sport and physical activity professionals in their understanding of the commissioning process and help them engage more effectively with commissioners.

We provided specialist advisors to work with initially eight, then a further eighteen councils, to enable them to:

  • Improve their understanding of the role sport and activity can play in delivering better community outcomes
  • Improve their ability to build better relationships with commissioners
  • Improve the positioning of sport and physical activity through commissioning
  • Evaluate the services that they offered and identify how these could be re-shaped to deliver improved outcomes for commissioners
  • Share learning

The animated film below provides some more detail of the project, showing exactly what steps can be taken to meet the needs of commissioners.

Hear from the people involved in the project, to assist your own evaluation of your current service and how you can engage with commissioners:

More resources

We also provide a range of support and resources to show how sport and physical activity can improve health. Follow the links in the sidebar for more information, including our MOVES tool, which will help you demonstrate the economic benefits of improved health through taking part in sport and physical activity.

Read the project summary report below.