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Where They Are Going

IN OUR COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE of what went down in the sign-on-the-dotted-line department (check out the 11 links at the end… Read More

Where They Are Going — ACC

Taylor Banks—Florida State Carter Cheeseman—Notre Dame Erik Fertig—Louisville ACC Prize Recruits ACC MEN Clemson (Mark Elliott): N—Shakwon Coke’ (Jam) 25-4½,… Read More

Where They Are Going — Big 10

Jordan Johnson—Iowa Sincere Rhea—Penn State Nathan Stone—Indiana Big-10 Conference Prize Recruits BIG 10 MEN Illinois (Mike Turk): N—Mason Barr 13.94;… Read More

Where They Are Going — Big 12

Hassani Barr—Baylor Patrick Piperi—Texas Robert Trevizo—Texas Tech Big-12 Conference Prize Recruits BIG 12 MEN Baylor (Todd Harbour): N—Hasani Barr 46.94(A);… Read More

Where They Are Going — Pac-12

Shedrick Garrett—Arizona State Brian Herron—USC Max Manson—Stanford Pac-12 Conference Prize Recruits PAC-12 MEN Arizona (Fred Harvey): N—Rodrigo Escotto 6304(hs); Camron… Read More

Where They Are Going — SEC

Bove Davis—LSU Langston Jackson—Kentucky Cameron Miller—Florida SEC Prize Recruits SEC MEN Alabama (Dan Waters): N—Kyle Goodman 1:50.83; Eliud Kipsang’ (Ken)… Read More