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EPA is undermining ethanol

President Donald Trump has told Iowa’s farmers that he is looking out for their economic interests. Since he first campaigned for the presidency he has expressed ...

There’s power in the wind

Wind-based generation of electricity is a technology that offers the promise of vast amounts of electrical power produced with few environmental ...

Wheat from chaff

HOMER — While the majority of the tractors seen on local fields in the area are now green or red, once upon a time, many of them sported other ...

Music in the Park Wednesday in Dayton

DAYTON — Music at the Park, concerts in the Gazebo, is 7 p.m. Wednesday at Caldwell Park, Dayton. The event is free. There will be ice cream. Bring blankets or ...

Garden Club to meet Tuesday

KYL Movie for Adults Tuesday

Retired school personnel to meet

The Webster County Unit of Iowa Retired School Personnel will meet on Aug. 26 at First Presbyterian Church, 1111 Fifth Ave N. The noon lunch will be catered by the ...

Kenyon Road Bridge will be inspected

Dragon Boat Bash results released

Do you have all your back-to-school shopping done?

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