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My friends and I went sightseeing, aware that the weather forecast was warning of heavy rain.

We’re from England, where the correct response to rain is to not acknowledge it, but things are a little different in Japan. It is impossible to walk outside without getting fully soaked. I warned my friends of this and stopped at a shop to buy an umbrella. They were reluctant to get one; either underestimating the rain or thinking they could get one later, if it actually rained.

I warned them multiple times that if it rains, I would not let them borrow my umbrella.

One friend had a raincoat so was mostly fine but the other did not. I reminded them that I would not share a few more times while we were walking.

Roughly an hour later, it started raining. Hard. It was unlikely to stop raining any time soon and we had a train to catch so we walked in the rain for half an hour to the train station. I stood by my word and refused to let them use my umbrella (which could easily fit 2 people under it). When we arrived, the friend without the raincoat was completely soaked, and the other was far from dry. Neither were particularly happy.

AITA for standing by my word and not saving my friend from the rain?


In my opinion when I know a film has a twist it makes its a lot less exciting because I know the story line isn't what it seems and often I can work out what the twist is.

A lot of questions here from people searching for a movie and ask what movie has a great twist, and people who suggest movies or comment 'yes I love the twist at the end! ' well I don't know how you look at yourselves in the mirror. You absolute beast.


My girlfriends little brother is 19 and not going to college or doing anything except smoking weed and playing video games. He lives with us (we are both late 20’s and have FT jobs).

I have been stacking 1964 Kennedy half dollars for ten years now. For those that don’t know, they have a face value of $0.50 but they are made of 90% silver and so they are actually currently worth about $6 each.

I had 200, which means that his dumbass only got $100 worth of drugs yet essentially stole $1200 from me.

I insist that my girlfriend pays me back the $1200 because that is the current value in silver like I mentioned. Whereas she is arguing that she only owes me $100 because that’s what her brother thought he was stealing. And according to her “he only got $100 of weed so that’s fair”. Okay so then what about my $1100 on top of that? What then?

She also called my silver stack “useless and paranoid and stupid”. I collect them partially for a store of value Incase of inflation or deflation, but I also just enjoy looking at them and the hobby of it.

I guess I’m looking for opinions on if she should pay the full $1200 that they’re worth for the value of silver. It also seems like she is trying to make me out to be a conspiracy theorist who is hoarding silver for the end times. Which is sorta true lol but what would that change anyways?

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